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iFuture Inc.

Custom Development Developer Network

Travelport Tools:
Universal API, Travelport Smartpoint SDK, GWS

Primary Developer Language:
Java, C#, PHP

Regions covered:
Global, North America, Central and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, Pacific

**About Us **
We are a team of product engineers, software developers and travel consultants working closely with Travelport’s technical team to provide innovative software solutions to the travel industry. Our software programmers and industry experts are solving the industry’s most challenging computing issues, and in doing so reinventing approaches to complex problems and reshaping its foundations.

We are driven by innovation and marked by a commitment to its customers, its business partners and its community. 

We provide turnkey and/or custom software solutions to work with our travel partners to ensure mutual success.


**SearchGDS **
A large scale comprehensive Booking Engine Air + Hotel ideal for Consolidators, Travel Agencies and Tour Operators.

**GDS:** Galileo, Apollo and Worldspan

*Fares:** Published; Private; Commissionable; ITX; Paper Contract (APF)
*Trip types:** One Way, Round Trip, Multi Stops and Open Jaws
*Fare classes: **Economy, Business, First and Premium Economy
*Agency and Agent databases: **Customizable and easy linking to other third party databases
*Reporting:** Extensive Statistical reports for Sales and Ratio Analysis
*Search: **User specified carriers for customizable ‘Zones’ to permit quick fare quotes. 
*Discount / Markup: **
* User defined Contracts to discount published and markup private fares
* Consortium discount/markup for specific users
* Multiple levels of discount/markup to enable B2B2C, B2B or B2C
**Booking: **
* Special Service Requests, Seat Requests and Frequent Flyer No.
* ‘My Booking’ enables users to manage past and current bookings;  edit and cancel PNR prior to ticketing
* Customizable ticketing deadline based on carriers, holidays and user's operational parameters

** Travelport Rooms and More **
* Commissions ** user defined multi level commissions split for B2B and B2C
* Reporting ** available with filters
* Special Features ** graphic amenity codes, Hotel-Point of Interest search, filter by amenities

**Why SearchGDS**
* Fast and comprehensive search for all carriers and fare types to find the cheapest available fares
* One stop fare shopping for all fares including Agency’s Private Fares (paper contract fares)
* Extensive  user configurable features to cater to consolidators’ industry specific demands or general OTA's B2B2C needs.

A fare up-loader to Travelport’s GDS using MS-Excel datasheet to model Consolidator's and Agency's negotiated paper contract airfares

Excel2APF is an alternative to Travelport’s Agency Private Fare input format (APF GUI) employing Excel or Open Office datasheet to input and upload paper contract fares efficiently to Travleport’s Worldspan, Apollo and Galileo. 

GDS: Galileo, Apollo and Worldspan
APF: Travelport Agency Private Fare Release 5 (as of Sep 2013)
Contracts Upload: APF Standard, Add-On and Calculated
Datasheet Support: Microsoft Excel; Oracle’s OpenOffice

**Why Excel2APF**
* Efficient data management using data sheets
* Labor saved in using Excel versus APF GUI to upload fares varies 20%-80%.