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Frequently Asked Questions

Travelport Marketplace is an e-commerce website where 3rd party developers and Travelport market solutions to travel agencies worldwide. Travelport Marketplace gives immediate access to revenue generating, easy-to-use, time saving products, as well as direct contact to the travel technology talent that our open platform attracts.

Travelport Marketplace also provides Agencies with access management, product assignment and reporting tools.

Travelport Marketplace offers travel agencies the latest travel solutions created by Travelport and by Travelport Developer Network members. On Travelport Marketplace, agencies can browse, order and experiment solutions for Travelport Smartpoint as well as Mobile and Standalone solutions (back-office systems, commission tracking, booking engines, itinerary solutions).

To place an order and download products and solutions, your Travelport Account Manager must designate the Agency Administrator role. Please contact your Travelport Account Manager to get this role set up for your Agency. As soon as your role is upgraded you’ll be able to order and download products from the website. If you already have the Agency Administrator role on the website and you’re still unable to order and download products please contact

Yes, Travelport Marketplace is available online globally. On the website, agencies can find solutions that are supported globally as well as solutions that are relevant to specific countries or regions, worldwide.

Yes, it offers solutions for Travelport Apollo, Travelport Galileo, and Travelport Worldspan.

Travelport Marketplace is a public facing website. However, in order to access the administration tools customers need to sign in with their ASK Travelport credentials.

Travelport Marketplace requires an active ASK Travelport account. To create your ASK Travelport account, please click here and click on the “Create Account” link.

There are two types of listings in Marketplace: products and solutions that are distributed to your agency immediately and products or services that are fulfilled by Travelport Developer Network members.

In general, solutions for Travelport Smartpoint can be downloaded immediately by agencies (*) and/or assigned and distributed within an agency automatically (**). For Travelport Universal Desktop, we configure the custom module and let you know when it is available to be assigned to agents through the Travelport Universal Desktop Admin Portal.

We also offer products and services that are fulfilled through our partner’s websites or through a mobile store. You will receive details after ordering and through a confirmation email.

Where additional information may be needed, Travelport or our development partner will contact you within a few days of your request.

*To place an order and/or download products and solutions, your Travelport representative must designate the Agency Administrator role. Please contact your Travelport Sales Account Manager to get this role set up for your Agency.
** Requires installation of Travelport Marketplace on Travelport Smartpoint 7.2 (or greater).

Please contact your Travelport Sales Account Manager.

You'll need to be a member of Travelport Developer Network and then just talk to your Commercial Account Manager who can get you set up. If you'd like to find out more about the Developer Network, click here.

We're open to a wide range of products that clearly meet the needs of Travelport agencies. Take a look around the site to see the kind of products we're already listing. One thing we'll insist on is that you have good testimonials from existing customers, and any desktop app will need to be certified by Travelport.

Developers handle contracting and billing themselves.

We would love to learn about your product's needs so we can further extend the functionality in Marketplace. As a Travelport Developer Network member, you will have a technical specialist who can help gather these details and work with our team.

Your Partner Technical Specialist will help.

For each one of your products, you can upload up to 3 documents on the product page on Travelport Marketplace. You can upload .txt, .xls, .pdf and image files. Additionally, you can also update up to 4 images for the product and up to 3 YouTube videos. For support, please contact your Partner Technical Specialist.

All Travelport Development Network members and agencies contracted for Smartpoint can use the SDK. For an overview, go here. If you’re not a member, please join! If you are a member, then contact your Partner Technical Specialist.

Please start with your Partner Technical Specialist, but you are also welcome to email

Travelport software review process evaluates desktop solutions to ensure that they are suitable for access to Travelport's Production environment. This review is mutually beneficial to both Travelport and developers by ensuring that solutions are:

  • Designed to meet a customer's business needs.
  • Coded to transact efficiently and effectively, thereby avoiding excessive transaction fees.
  • Complying with Travelport's recommendations and best practices.
  • Within Travelport's capacity requirements in order to protect our content to the benefit of all Travelport customers.

Our goal is to review solutions within three weeks of receiving your source code and the other documents (support guide and functional design document). Travelport desktop review is not intended to be an endorsement of the developer or product or a guarantee that a product will perform or function as described.

You will load a new version of the solution and information regarding the upgrade through Marketplace, and we will approve it for publication. A full review may not be necessary, but we reserve the right to re-initiate the evaluation process if we feel your changes warrant the time.

You will receive an email advising you that an order has been made. If your product or service is set up as a referral, you will need to contact the customer within a few days. If your product is being distributed through Marketplace, you won't need to take further action.